Whether you are new to herbs or a seasoned pro, there is always something new to learn or a new plant buddy to meet.  Our Herbal blog features Plant Spotlights, Herb gardening tips and details on Ethical & Sustainable Wildcrafting.

Why Should I Care About Dandelions?

By Cositas Bonitas Botanicals | May 12, 2023

Come spring, our herbal ally Mr. Dandelion begins to pop up everywhere. But to some, dandelion is no friend. It’s interesting to think about all of the energy that people put into fighting this plant and still it persists. Yes, dandelion is a hardy, resilient plant which spreads shamelessly. But labeling plants within the confines…

Why Should I do a Spring Cleanse?

By Cositas Bonitas Botanicals | April 10, 2023
A fall foliage picture of red amaranth

Cleansing is often associated with diet culture, but it really does so much more. I’m here to demystify the talk around cleansing. Let’s get deeper than losing weight and talk about whole body health, and answer the question: Why should I do a spring cleanse? Cleansing is beneficial for restoring balance within the body, but…


By Cositas Bonitas Botanicals | March 6, 2023

BY: COSITAS BONITAS BOTANICALS Okay, so what are adaptogens, exactly? This word is buzzing around the health & wellness world, but it feels like most folks have an elusive understanding of what adaptogens really are. First, we have to talk about why they are getting so much hype.  Today’s world is filled with to-do lists,…


By SUSAN TEITELMAN | July 30, 2021
yellow dandelions in a field

EDIBLE WEEDS ARE ALL AROUND YOUR GARDEN! by Susan Teitelman, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Gardening season is upon us, which means gardeners everywhere will face their perpetual problem: WEEDS! While some turn to hand pulling or spraying weeds with herbicides, many plants we consider “weeds” are edible and can make a delicious, nutritious addition…


By SUSAN TEITELMAN | June 25, 2021
Arnica by Susan Teitelman

By Susan Teitelman, Herbalist Arnica season is here! There are many different species of arnica; in our region of the Western Rockies, we typically come across the species Arnica montana. Arnica is in the sunflower family (Asteraceae) – note the classic sunflower look in the photo above! The plant prefers partly shady spots in mountainous areas,…

Herb Gardening Part 1: Non-Native Medicinal Plants

By SUSAN TEITELMAN | May 20, 2020
Three bottles of Comfrey Infused Oil

Welcome to the first of our blog series on herb gardening! Garden medicinal plants and culinary herbs can be challenging, exciting, and rewarding! It is a wonderful way to be able to provide your own medicine and secure alternative sources for certain plants that may be endangered, have small populations, or are otherwise difficult to…

Local Plant Spotlight: NETTLES

By SUSAN TEITELMAN | May 8, 2020

By Susan Teitelman, Herbalist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist It’s nettles time! These prickly perennials are popping up as we speak. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica, Urticaceae family) is one of my favorite plants. It is highly versatile: this plant can be used for food as well as medicine. In fact, each part of the plant –…

Guidelines for Ethical and Sustainable Wildcrafting

By SUSAN TEITELMAN | May 5, 2020
Flowers in East Knox mountain park

By Susan Teitelman, Herbalist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist Spring is here and for herbalists this means we are itching to start wildcrafting! In the herbal world when we refer to the term “wildcrafting” we mean gathering (typically medicinal or edible) plants from wild areas. Wildcrafting can bring a sense of joy, self-sufficiency, and a deeper…


By Kelly Needs | April 28, 2020
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Common Name, Botanical Name, Growing Method, FormAlfalfa Leaf , Medicago sativa , Organic , C/SAngelica Root, Angelica archangelica , Organic , C/SArnica flower , Arnica montana , Organic , Dried flowerAshwaghanda rt., Withania somnifera , Organic, C/SAshwaghanda rt. , Withania somnifera , Organic , PowderAstragalus Root , Astragalus membranaceus , Organic, C/SAstragalus Root ,Astragalus membranaceus…

White Sage at Meadowsweet: a lesson in ethics, respect and sustainability

By Kelly Needs | March 15, 2019
Bundle of Herbs hang in front of a white background

What is White Sage you say? White sage is one of the most popular smudging plants used today. The White sage smudging tradition is passed down to us from Native American traditions, although each tribe also has their own sacred plants (in addition to and possibly different than White Sage). There are many opinions on…