Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

Lung Support Tea for Fall

Have you ever noticed how illness seems rampant in the fall season? This time of the year can be a ...
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Warming Soup for Fall by Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

There’s nothing like warming up with a bowl of hot soup! Not only does it help take the edge off ...
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The Energetics of Fall by Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

The Energetics of Fall: Foods, Herbs and Lifestyle Habits to Support You During the Fall Season Leaves fall to the ...
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Sun Tea Recipe by Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

Summer Sun Tea Recipe Okay, so imagine you’re sitting outside on a sultry summer afternoon. You’re trying to embrace the ...
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Summer Soaks by Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

Summer Soak Recipe: a floral bathtime delight Need a little reset from the heat? We’ve got just the fix for ...
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Summer Rituals by Cositas Bonitas Botanicals

How do you connect with Nature in the Summer?3 ways plant-lovers can embrace the season with great Summer Rituals Ahhh, ...
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What will help my seasonal allergies?

Holistic & Natural Support for Allergy Season: Are you feeling bogged down by seasonal allergies? You’re not alone. As our ...
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Why Should I Care About Dandelions?

Come spring, our herbal ally Mr. Dandelion begins to pop up everywhere. But to some, dandelion is no friend. It’s ...
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A tall clear pint glass jar contains a green colored smoothie with a straw

Warm Green Smoothie Recipe

By: Cositas Bonitas Botanicals A exciting and different way to detox using greens and herbs. I know, a warm green ...
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A fall foliage picture of red amaranth

Why Should I do a Spring Cleanse?

Cleansing is often associated with diet culture, but it really does so much more. I’m here to demystify the talk ...
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