Meadowsweet-made: Our Products and Partners

Our Meadowsweet-made Products

Meadowsweet is committed to producing and carrying only the highest quality herbal products.  Our Meadowsweet-made offerings include many wildcrafted native plants and "weeds" made into luscious infused oils, which in turn are used to produce our own Meadowsweet salves, lotions and essential oil blends.  For more information about the companies we carry in our retail store, see our "Products We Carry" page.

We source our essential oils from an organic spa company that is committed to supporting sustainable and organic harvesting of plant medicines.  Our ingredients consist of 90% organic ingredients and we only used cold pressed oils, never solvent extracted.

 We strive to find sustainable oils for our Meadowsweet-made product manufacturing, therefore you will see a effort to minimize Almond, Palm oil or any other water or resource intensive fixed oils.

 We try to stay away from fad ingredients.  Locally products, made from local plants, by local people is our goal.  Our products and partners are committed to sustainable practices and integrity in business.


Bozeman Co-Op

Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Co-Op is a local, independent grocery store, equally owned by member-owners, serving two locations in the community.


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Caras Nursery and Landscape

Missoula, MT

Caras Nursery is a garden and landscape center serving the Missoula community for over 100 years.




Good Food Store

Missoula, MT

The Good Food Store is dedicated to supporting a healthy community by providing a wide selection of organic food and natural products.

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Missoula Fresh Market

Missoula, MT (Broadway location)

Missoula Fresh Market values the opportunity to be part of the Missoula community and is committed to bringing a local touch to two store locations.




Nettles Spa

Missoula, MT

Nettles Spa offers health, wellness, and beauty services, offering organic and local products to promote total well-being.




Real Food Market

Helena, MT

The Real Food Market & Deli is an independent, locally-owned business bringing organic and natural foods to Helena since 1975.

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Rockin Rudy's

Missoula, MT

Once a small independent record shop, Rockin Rudy's has become one of the go-to stops for residents and visitors of Missoula to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Roxy’s Market

Big Sky, MT

Roxy's Market has everything you need, and expect, from your local grocery store in the Aspen Colorado and Big Sky Montana areas.




Western Montana Grower's Cooperative

Missoula, MT

WMGC is a coalition of farmers who provide produce, meat, dairy, lentils, honey, and other value-added products to the region.

Meadowseet participates in the WMGC Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a community based model of product distribution.

Wildflower Confections



Wildflower Confections

Darby, MT

Wildflower Confections creates artisanal, gourmet chocolates and toffee. These gourmet treats are available alongside many unique and special Montana-made artisan items.


Our Partners


Meadowsweet is proud to support and and be affiliated with organizations that promote herbal education, plant stewardship, ethical herb production, sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and community engagement.

Our Partners Include...

American Herbalists Guild

The American Herbalists Guild was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Our primary goal is to promote a high level of professionalism and education in the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism.



American Herbal Products Association

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is the national trade association and voice of the herbal products industry. Comprised of more than 350 member companies, AHPA's mission is to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy informed access to a wide variety of herbal goods.



Missoula Downtown Association

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, there’s no place like Missoula, and its Downtown is certainly no exception. With its unique shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, events, and even a river running through its core, Downtown Missoula is a place where everyone can find something to connect with. 



United Plant Savers

United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. The work of United Plant Savers involves research, education, and conservation of native medicinal plants and their habitats



Made in Montana

The Made in Montana program assists Montana businesses in developing and marketing their products both in and out of the state. The program, which also includes Grown in Montana and Native American Made in Montana, helps build recognition for products that are "authentically Montana."

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