Using Adaptogens: Eleuthero Chai Electuary

Adaptogens are a hot topic in the wellness world, and we know that many folks are looking for ways to incorporate these herbs into their lives. This is why we took time to curate some information on what adaptogens are, why they are beneficial, and which ones we carry in store. Read the full blog here. We know you will love this Eleuthero Chai Electuary once you try it!

We have an exciting electuary recipe that you will want to check out. It’s added to hot beverages (tea, steamed milk, water), delicious eaten by the spoonful, and can even be spread on your toast. Of course, get creative and use this warming, energizing, and sustaining concoction in other ways as well.

Using Adaptogens: Eleuthero Chai Electuary Recipe


2 parts eleuthero root powder

2 parts ginger root powder

1 part ground cinnamon

1 part ground fennel

½ part ground black pepper

½ part ground cardamom

4 dropperfuls of reishi extract

Directions: Add powdered herbs to a bowl (make sure it has enough space for mixing and adding honey) Add in the reishi extract, mixing evenly into the dry herbs Slowly pour honey into the dry herb mixture, adding a little at a time and stirring along the way The electuary is done when it is a paste consistency Store in a clean, glass jar that seals tight Your electuary will last for 6-12 months. This is a potent, tasty, and shelf stable way to add adaptogenic herbs into your life. This Eleuthero Chai Electuary will become you new favorite pick me up for energy and it tastes good!

If you’d like to see some more interesting recipes for Eleuthero & the history of Electuaries, check out our the wonderful herbal blog at Mountain Rose here! There are really so many ways you can use herbs!

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