Black Lives Matter

Meadowsweet is in the business of healing. We take our work very seriously and see the current civil unrest about systemic racism as an opportunity to learn and grow to be better allies, co-create a new paradigm and stand with those that need our help. We reaffirm our commitment to being a company with a conscience. We continue to be dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices in order to ensure integrity in every aspect of our business. We commit to expanding on our value of integrity by specifically supporting racial justice in our company practices. We commit to take the following actions:

-We will take a hard look at each of our suppliers and what they stand for and support. We will buy from companies that embody the values of inclusivity, racial and economic justice, and environmental sustainability. We are proud to purchase from vendors with a conscience. Many of our vendors have shared how they are acting against racism and supporting BIPOC communities. Check out what our following partner companies are doing to be a force for good: Dr. Hauschka, Five Flavors Herbs, Foria, Good Clean Love, Herb Pharm, and Mountain Rose Herbs.

-We will amplify the voices of BIPOC herbalists, so they can share their knowledge and ideas. More details on this to come.

-Research and seek out BIPOC businesses to support and purchase from. We will continue to inform our sustainability purchasing practices based on how the traditional/original users of herbal medicine feel and use these medicines. This often means not having access to certain herbs due to questionable sourcing, environmental concerns, or cultural appropriation. (please see our blog on White Sage, more to coming.)

-Donating to All Nations Health Center (formerly Missoula Urban Indian Health Center) with the proceeds from all sales of Osha root, White Sage & Sweetgrass.

-All of our staff commits to learning more about the struggles faced by BIPOC by reading and listening to BIPOC authors, speakers and leaders.

-Employ local wild crafters to collect local herbs and weeds that agree to honor our Wildcrafting ethics with an emphasis on respecting local indigenous people, and acknowledging that we are on the traditional lands of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation.

As members of the Missoula and Montana community, we support the following Montana organizations that are BIPOC-led or otherwise focused on anti-racism and racial justice. We want to continue to make meaningful changes in our community for the betterment of all. We all suffer when our country and community suffers. Let’s use our voices to support those that have not been heard. Let’s lift each other up.

To learn more or to make a contribution to any of these groups, please click the links below.

ACLU Montana

All Nations Health Center

Montana Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

The Montana Racial Equity Project

Soft Landing Missoula

View Soft Landing Missoula’s statement, action plan, and resources here.

University of Montana African American Studies Department (Support the annual Black Solidarity Summit)

University of Montana Black Student Union

Western Native Voice

YWCA Missoula or Empower MT You may specifically donate to support the new joint position of their Racial Justice Engagement Specialist.

We hope that all people can recognize that our country has some serious work to do to create true equality for all. We all can have different opinions on the way forward, but what matters is the single minded acknowledgment that we must go forward, together.

We will update this post as we continue to invest in a future that honors BIPOC lives and our future together.

Kelly Needs