Astragalus Immune Boosting Tea

Astragalus Can Provide Immune Support for the Whole Family*

As students of all ages start to head back to school at the same time as cold and flu season approaches (along with our other current viral issue), we start to consider reinforcing our defenses BEFORE we get sick! While there are many options out there, like elderberry syrups, fire ciders, and strong ginger teas, we wanted to take a moment to praise astragalus. 

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a powerful ally for many conditions, most notably is kicking our defenses into high gear as the weather gets colder. It’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine** for centuries to increase our defensive Qi, or vital force, to help ward off and recover from illness.*

It is indicated for those with weak immune systems who might suffer from chronic allergies or frequent infections. It can help strengthen those with a poor appetite or tendencies towards anemia as it builds blood and promotes endurance, stamina, and promoting vitality. *

Astragalus can also help protect immune cells during times of tough chemical treatments like chemo by preventing white blood cell drops and protecting adrenal cortical function.*

You’ll find it in many preventative formulas for colds and flus, as it shines by BUILDING your defenses and not necessarily fighting infection. It would also be a great addition to a liver or blood support formula as a liver restorative and protective and blood builder.*

How to Use Astragalus
You can use it in a number of ways depending on how you like to take your medicine. It has a sweet, nutty flavor that would be lovely in a decoction with other immune herbs (see our recipe below). For kiddos, tea or alcohol-free tincture would be the best.

For adults, it works just as well in tincture or powdered capsule form. You can also use sliced root in soups: just toss the slices in with your other ingredients and discard when eating.  Whichever way you find easier to take your herbs is the way you should take your Astragalus!

Astragalus Immune Boosting Tea

  • 1 part Astragalus Root
  • 2 parts Elder Berry
  • 1 part dried Rose Hips
  • 1/2 part dried Ginger Root
  • 1/4 part Peppermint
  • 1/4 part Licorice Root


  • Mix all above ingredients together and store in a large glass jar or plastic bag with a seal. 
  • Add 1 tbsp to your tea ball and let steep for 15 minutes, covered.
  • Drink at least one cup a day, especially during a seasonal transition like we are in now!

​**There are several Traditional Chinese Medicine pracitioners in Missoula. Check out the Acupuncture Clinic of Missoula and our Hip Strip neighbors, Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to prevent, diagnose, or treat any diseases.  This information is for educational purposes only: please consult your doctor about any serious medical conditions.

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