Why you won’t find wildcrafted White Sage at Meadowsweet anymore…

Needles Overlook

What is White Sage you say? White sage is one of the most popular smudging plants used today. White sage is passed down to us from Native American traditions, although each tribe has their own sacred plants. There are many opinions on whether using White Sage is cultural appropriation or not. We have always carried and sold several smudging options including cedar, sages, and incense. In keeping with our policies on the ethical harvesting of plants, we also want to respect the cultures that all of our herbal traditions have come from.

In our efforts to respect these traditions, and to also respect the taboos against selling some of these items, we have decided to not “profit” from the sale of these items any longer. All profits will be donated to the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center, or other non-profit community building services as an effort to “Pay it Forward”, and to also allow folks who wish to purify their spaces to be able to get the tools they need to do this.

That being said, we are concerned, as many herbalists are, about the sustainable harvest of plants not only for their continued availability but also for the habitat and wild populations of these plants. Two smudging items that are of concern at this time are Palo Santo and White Sage. Other incense plants such as Sweetgrass, Myrrh and Frankincense are also under heavy harvesting pressure.

There are many different elements that shape the habitat for these plants. Environmental destruction, climate change and over-harvesting can all push a plant to potential extinction. Our policy will be to only purchase commercially and organically grown incense and smudging products. We can no longer support “wild crafted” items of At-Risk plants with a good conscience. We hope you support us in being respectful. There are many levels to ethical and conscious medicinal plant consumption, and we truly believe we all will be a better herbal community for the effort.

Kelly Needs, New Owner at Meadowsweet Herbs

December was a big month for Meadowsweet, Kelly Needs became the new owner. Kelly is a dedicated professional herbalist and was a manager at Meadowsweet for 3 years. Kelly most recently saw clients in her private herbal practice at Good Medicine for the past 2 years. She is very excited to get to know all of our customers and help them with all their herbal needs. Please stop by and meet her. She will keep the same wonderful staff you have come to know and appreciate, and will continue the same high quality products and services. You will be very pleasantly surprise at the change in ownership! I will miss you all but know that you are in good hands! I hope to see you all at next year’s lavender festival! Have a healthy and joyous New Year.

Fall News at the Meadow

Are you looking forward to cool nights and warm colorful days! I love the fall weather and the beauty that is so breath taking. Getting the kids back to school or maybe you have decided to head back to school too! It is never to early to begin preparing our immune system for the colds and flu of the long cold nights. Mushrooms, immune building tinctures, and herbal teas are stocked and ready to help you stay healthy and well. We’Moon 2019, “Fanning the Flame” is now in stock and ready to wow you with beautiful art and inspiration! The Montana Blend Lavender is now in stock and ready to help relax and connect with your Autumn Goddess.


This Week Only Dr Hauschka Sale May 7 to 12

All week long we offer Dr Hauschka on Sale! Pick up your pre-sale goodie bags this week and enjoy tea and goodies along with it! Once a year we offer a special sale brought to you by Dr Hauschka. It is a great time to sign up for a Meadowsweet Membership and receive an additional 10% off everything in the store. We will also have a representative from Dr Hauschka, Friday, May 11, for a special facial night from 7 to 9 PM, and Saturday, noon to 4 PM, get a free mini facial consult to determine which products will give you vibrant youthful skin! We will also be featuring our Wild Carrot bath and body care products on sale all of May at 10% off and all things Rose (ie tea, rose oil, rosehip seed oil etc) any products with rose in them get 10% off. This is a great week to celebrate Mom’s check out our tea selection and teaware for a special Mother’s Day gift!

Spring is on its way! Watch out for that Sunshine!

Are you looking forward to some sunny spring days or heading to sunny weather? Get into Meadowsweet and check out our natural sun screen from Wild Carrot. This amazing lotion uses organic oils that help protect and heal the skin to decrease your chance of sunburn. We would always recommended that you wear a hat and protective clothing, of course, when in the sun for long periods of time. Using the Wild Carrot on a regular basis helps rebuild sun damaged skin. You will love their products made on the Eastern Oregon Prairie from organic and non-gmo plants and oils.

Join Us For Shop Small Business

November 24, 25, & 26th Meadowsweet will be open and ready to help you find locally made gifts or make your own. Check out our recipe box or create a signature product yourself. All Montana and locally made products will be 10% off (20% for members). This is a great time to show appreciation for our local businesses. The Hip Strip will be busy with all kinds of great deals and fun gift ideas! We look forward to seeing you then!

Baby Carrot by Wild Carrot is Here Now!

We want to introduce you to our newest arrival, Baby Carrot from Wild Carrot. Extra ordinary bath and body care for Mom and Baby. They are organic and nature made using bio-dynamic principles. Wild Carrot is regionally located in Enterprise, Oregon just a short hop and a jump from us! Jody the owner of Wild Carrot stopped by with some samples and we absolutely fell in love with her products and her company. We will be bringing in a full line of products over the next month, hope you will come in and try them out with an October discount of 20% off all month, you will want to try them all. Put fresh and organic products on your baby’s skin, and look forward to the products that will be slowly rolling in over the next month, for adults and babies.

We are excited that we can offer an exclusive on the Wild Carrot products and feel good about them coming in from a regional producer who has spent years researching and producing the best products  for baby and we. The next installment of Bulk Lotions and Body Butters have also arrived. These are luscious nourishing and moisturizing lotions & body butters made with love!

Six Mile Lavender is in Bloom!

It is time again as the blush of Lavender is lighting up the Six Mile Lavender & Herb Farm. Our 500+ Lavender plants are putting out a lovely scent. We are amazed at the beauty and depth of color. Planning a wedding or special event order your lavender now so it will be ready for your special occasion. New products are available from our lavender esssential oil: Soaps, Candles, Essential Oils, Hydrosols, The Lavender will be in bloom now through approximately August 30th. Let us know how many bundles you need and your special date.

The Six Mile Lavender Festival is scheduled for August 6th but we will have events all month long. Check our Schedule of events to see what all is happening. Stop by Meadowsweet for a Lavender Ticket only 40 will be sold for our all day lavender festivities. Reserve your ticket early so you don’t miss out! We will be distilling Lavender and Cedar oils/hydrosol; Herb Walk with herbalist Justene Sweet; Lavender, herb & floral creations with Melissa Lafontain. Walk the Lavender Labyrinth, enjoy the magic!

Special May SALES & Info

May is our annual Dr Hauschka sale! This year we are able to offer a 20% discount on all Dr. Hauschka Products (30% for members!) so stock up while you can. We will be placing a few orders, so if we don’t have what you need on the shelf, we can place a special order for you.
We will also offer the class, An Evening with Dr.Hauschka with our sales representative on May 12th. Check the events page for these and other events this month.
Also this month if you buy MOM a Holy Fire Reiki session gift certificate, you get one FREE for yourself. There is never a bad time to treat yourself to Reiki, so take advantage of this offering, especially if you’ve never tried it!
Meadowsweet will close early on Saturday, May 13th due to a memorial service of a dear friend. Thank you for understanding.