Tree Salve


Our Tree Salve is a great injury recovery ally!


Our Tree Salve is a great injury recovery ally. We take fresh ethically wildcrafted Arnica flowers and infused them immediately into Organic Olive oil. After the oil has taken on the anti-inflammatory, pain resolving and circulation enhancing properties of the Arnica flowers we strain and preserve. When we combine this powerful oil with our blood red, fresh infused St. John’s wort oil & Cottonwood oil the magic really starts to happen. St. John’s wort is famous for helping with depression but we use it topically for its nerve repairing effects. Cottonwood really shines in this salve due to its circulation enhancing effects and naturally occurring salicylic acid.

We then add organic tree essential oils that have naturally occurring compounds that help with pain, inflammation and increasing circulation.*

Ingredients: Organic Organic Olive oil infused with Arnica flower., Figwort leaf., St. John’s Wort, Cottonwood buds, Beeswax; Organic Birch, White fir, & Pine Essential oils, Benzoin gum, Vitamin E

Available in 2 and 4 ounces

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