WHY SHOPPING LOCAL MATTERS (now more than ever)

A philosophy that can change the world

An assortment of local products, including cards, body care, syrups, pottery, chocolate, teas and salves are arranged together
Made in Montana body & skin care products.

Shopping local: Community is everything at Meadowsweet and there is no other community we’d rather be in.

In these crazy times what could be more important than community? The amazing thing about shopping local-spending your money in your local community is that you will directly benefit yourself. Whether its a genuine smile as you keep a small business afloat, generous local non-profits that do important community work that are in turn sponsored and supported by small businesses or even events you enjoy such as all the Missoula Downtown Association events. Missoula Montana has so many amazing things going on and we are proud to do our part by carrying 25+ local artists and companies.

We have a deep commitment to making our community and world a better place. Shopping local? That has always been a priority for us, and is reflected in our many local offerings. Sourcing sustainable products? We do tons of research and refuse to follow health fads. Organic herbs? You will have to search hard to find one that isn’t. Environmentally friendly packaging? We feature many different products that are available in bulk: letting you get your favorite products at a discount and skip all the plastic packaging. Shopping at a small local business, for local products also drastically cuts down on the product’s carbon footprint due to less shipping.

There is one other reasons that shopping with us gives you more bang for your buck. Each dollar you spend in our local woman owned small business means that other local businesses and residents benefit: local designers, accountants, employees (herbalists in our case), wood workers, sign makers, window painters, local radio, ad makers, print shops, wild-crafters and the list goes on and on. The opposite can be said for buying goods from other countries, and from big corporate stores. This revenue goes out of town, out of country, and often into shareholders pockets.

If you are interested in the many amazing things that Montana artistis and small businesses have to offer, check out MADE IN MONTANA’s website.

Our local offerings…

Alaskan Essences

A gem and flower essence company formed and operated out of the Bitterroot since 1984.  The Alaskan Essences, Inc. is the only essence company in the world that has designed a system of vibrational healing based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms.  Founded by the late Steve Johnson, and continued by his wife Judith Poelarends, Alaskan Essences creates their mother essences in Homer, Alaska.

Brendan Stewart Pottery

Atmospheric and beautifully functional soda and wood fired pottery.  We carry tea cups, incense and treasure pots, air plant pots, and hanging air plant containers. Don’t miss the herbal pressed vases and soap dishes!

Botanie Soap

Our local soap company! 98% organic ingredients, colored with herbs, clays & mineral compounds. Scented with essential oils and good for the environment.

Claire Emery Cards

A Iconic Missoula Artist that features wood cut art. We carry a selection of cards, which are prints from the actual wood cut art.

Dragon Herbal Tea

Medicinal herbal action combined with fantastic tastes make this bulk and packaged tea a great option for all kinds of health issues. One of our most popular tea lines!

Ducrey Chocolate Maker

Locally made Bean to Bar Organic Chocolate! This lovely chocolate shop in downtown Missoula is the place to get some hot sipping chocolate, a famous JB French baguette sandwhich, and two ingredient, fresh roasted, fair trade-coop micro batch chocolate bars.

Elaine Sheff: author of Naked

We are please to offer this DIY Health and Body care book from the former owner of Meadowsweet Herbs.  A treasure of recipes and practical natural know-how.

The Healthy Naturals

Locally in made in Stevensville: high quality food grade facial care for normal and mature skin. Featuring hyaluronic acid. Sulfate, phthalate, formaldehyde & paraben free.

Hindu Hillbilly & Rivulet Apiaries

Raw, wildflower Montana honey and handcrafted honey infused soaps and body care products made along the Clark Fork River valley.  Honey leaves your skin deeply moisturized and protected while also providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. Products are free of synthetic preservatives, phthalates, & parabens. 

Hippie-Ki-Yay Herbal Products

Amazing and potent Cottonwood salve made from our former employee Domini Albers in Stevensville, MT. Simple ingredients that help all manner of topical issues. New to the store this November is the amazing Cottonwood Lotion. Heaven for your skin and nose! We also have a rose facial cream, new lip balms and Marjoram and Comfrey lotions!

Good for What Ails You Salve

A extremely popular topical remedy that combines Arnica and CBD isolate, along with a few essential oils.  

Lavender Lori: author of Lavender Farming

Lavender farming in Montana is hard!  Lavender Lori imparts all her experience and wisdom gleaned in her long lavender growing career in this invaluable book.  A long-awaited favorite. We also have some gorgeous long-stemmed lavender bundles in stock-while they last!

Laughing Blackbird Journals

These hand sewn journal have a leather cover and are really special. We have a great assortment of small and medium size journals for a great price!

Meadowsweet Salves & Body care- Inspired by Nature 

House made herbal salves, infused oils, face and hair care carefully crafted from organic, sustainable local and regional sources. All products are pure, plant based, potent and it shows! Our products are great for those people with sensitivities to synthetic, unnatural additives. We are dedicated to educating our customers and keeping the integrity of our products as pure and earth friendly as possible. 

Melody Laakso Art

We carry cards and prints from the Compassionate Heart Series:  

“Compassion & love, gentleness & kindness along with grief & sadness are a part of our daily lives.  I paint hearts as an offering to heal: to share, and as a reminder to myself that the heart brings together Heaven & Earth.  When we are balanced within our hearts we are in balance with the world around us.”

Montana Beeswax

A Bitterroot based beeswax and candle company specializing in bulk wax production. Have you ever bought beeswax at Meadowsweet to make salves or other body care products? It’s from Montana Beeswax!

Montana Emu Oil

If don’t have some Emu oil in your skin care First Aid kit you may need some!  Known for its close resemblance and uses to tallow, Emu oil has great skin repair properties.

Six Mile Lavender

Lavender bundles (fresh in season), Local Montana essential oils and hydrosols all grown west of Missoula in Huson, MT by Karrie Westwood.  New in November will be some great hydrosol room sprays which are great for freshening up your face mask, or general room vibe.

Whiskey Tango Jewelry

Whitney Tolley, the one-woman-force behind Whiskey Tango Jewelry, is inspired by simple shapes that become bold statements and tempt the lines between jewelry and wearable art. All of Whitney’™s pieces are hand-cut, fabricated, sanded and polished under her careful, creative eye.

Wustner Brothers Honey

Wustner Brothers Honey is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2011 in Stevensville, Montana. Today Wustner Brothers Honey operates out of Missoula, Montana. We offer raw honey in Wildflower, Knapweed and Clover varietals. In addition to raw honey we also produce raw creamed-honey and a line of hand-made beeswax lip balms. 

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