Whipped Citrus/Lavender Sugar Scrub


Our solid Whipped Citrus/Lavender Sugar Scrub is formulated to be non-greasy, & is filled with nutrient dense oils that turn into a lotion as you wash.

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Our solid Whipped Citrus/Lavender Sugar Scrub will quickly become your bath/shower favorite.
We take pride in using the best organic ingredients possible and have spent quite a bit of time developing the best Whipped Sugar Scrub possible! We have used those “other” Sugar Scrubs before: they ended up being a total mess: oil on the top, sugar on the bottom. We knew there had to be a solution. Our Scrub is born from a desire for Organic and functional solutions to those ingrown hairs, calloused heels, grubby hands, and rough skin.

Our Whipped Citrus/Lavender Sugar Scrub is formulated with Organic Turbinado sugar, soothing/moisturizing nutrient-dense fixed oils and essential oils of Citrus & Lavender. We whip the organic oils and sugar together with a bit of emulsifying wax: and suddenly you have a whole different solid-textured Sugar Scrub that is not greasy, easy to use and will not separate! This lovely mixture becomes similar to a lotion as you wash the sugar away. You will enjoy the gentle exfoliation from the sugar while promoting healthy skin. This magical sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and nurtured.

Uses: Our Whipped Sugar Scrub may be used to gently exfoliate flaky, calloused, or dirty skin. Use our Whipped Citrus/Lavender Sugar Scrub for those gardening hands, (or gardening feet!) Our Sugar Scrub can also be used to promote health skin for those areas you are shaving or waxing in the shower or bath. (our Whipped Sugar Scrub is not recommended for your face, injured skin, or small children)

Ingredients: organic granulated turbinado sugar, organic jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, shea nut butter, full spectrum hemp oil, emulsifying wax, organic essential oils of lavender and lemon, rosemary extract.

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