Nettle Magic Kit


Support for the spring!

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Nettles to the rescue! Nourish yourself during this Allergy season…
Tulsi/Rose Tea

Ingredients: Krishna tulsi lf., Nettles lf., and Rose buds
1 small tea ball
OWH Nettle/Quercetin 90 caps

Ingredients: Organic Nettle (freeze-dried) tops, including stinging hairs, Quercetin dihydrate
Wandering Jew Allergy Tea
Ingredients: Mormon tea stems, Dandelion rt., Burdock rt., Hibiscus flw., Marshmallow rt., Licorice rt., Nettle lf., Mullein lf., Goldenrod lf. & flw., Red Clover flw.
Standard Homeopathic Allium Cepa 30C, 160 pellets
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