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Up your game whether you are CAT 1 or 2!

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Treat yourself to some nourishing and strengthening herbal products designed to support the athlete. From your head to your toes, this kit will hit all the right spots for your recovery.
2 oz Inflamma Tea by Wandering Jew
Ingredients: Ginger rt., Chamomile flowers, Calendula flowers, Meadowsweet tops, Dandelion rt., Burdock rt., Licorice rt., Horsetail tops
Cordyceps Capsules by Host Defense (60 count)
Ingredients: Organic Cordyceps mycelium, Dried myceliated brown rice, Pullulan
4 oz Sore Muscle Bath Salts by Meadowsweet
Ingredients: Celtic sea & Pink Himalayan salt, and essential oils of Ginger, Pine, Bulgarian lavender, Helichrysum, & St. John’s wort
2 oz Arnica Infused Oil by Meadowsweet
Ingredients: Ethically Wildcrafted Fresh Arnica flowers extracted in Organic Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Benzoin gum.
30X Homeopathic Arnica Montana 250 Tablets
1 oz Sustainable Energy by Five Flavor Herbs

Ingredients: Organic Cane alcohol and water extracts of Eleuthero rt., Ashwagandha rt., Rhodiola rt., Wild oat seed, Holy basil lf., Schisandra fruit, Licorice rt.
1.7 oz Tree Salve by Meadowsweet
Ingredients: Organic olive oil infused with Arnica flower, Figwort lf., St. John’s wort, Cottonwood buds, Beeswax, Birch, White fir & Pine essential oil, Benzoin gum, Vitamin E
1 Mesh Tea Ball
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