Green Path Herb School Bulk Herb Sample Kit


A selection of organic bulk herbs for Green Path Herb School Students.

Available on backorder


Bulk Herb Kit contains:

1/4 ounce each of the following 23 herbs: Angelica root(O), Astragalus root(O), Burdock root(O), Calendula flower(O), Catnip leaf(O), Chamomile flower(O), Dandelion root(O), Damiana leaf(O), Elecampane root(O), Fennel seed(O), Holy Basil leaf(O), Horsetail tops(O), Lemon Balm leaf(O), Licorice root(O), Marshmallow leaf(O), Mullein leaf(O), Nettle leaf(O), Passionflower tops(O), Peppermint leaf(O), Raspberry Leaf(O), Uva Ursi leaf(O), Yarrow flower/leaf(O), and Yellow Dock root(O).


TERMS: Kits only available for purchase ONLINE. Kits will ship or be available for pickup at Meadowsweet’s retail store 2 weeks after ordering. In the case of supplier OUT OF STOCKS, missing items will be shipped free when they are BACK IN STOCK. No substitutions/alterations.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in