PHASE 1 Meadowsweet Operating Protocols



We will continue to take contactless order by phone (406-728-0543) or email ( We love helping put your herbal and body care needs together for you!

OPEN FOR IN-STORE SHOPPING 11am-3pm Monday-Friday

We will continue to serve our community and provide a safe environment for our customers!

CLOSED SATURDAY & SUNDAY until further notice

**Any customers who are vulnerable/immune compromised, or have a schedule that does not allow for in-store shopping during 11-3pm may make an appointment during the hours of 10-11am or 3-6pm. Please call us 406-728-0543.

We will be operating under these guidelines beginning May 11th. Meadowsweet is operating under a food license, and so we not only have to follow retail business guidelines, but regular food safety protocols in addition to the increased sanitation protocols. Please bear with us while we all figure out these new guidelines!

Here are the Missoula Health Department suggestions for community safety:

  • recommending that employees and customers wear cloth face coverings,
  • continuing to promote online sales and curbside or delivery service,
  • establishing hours that are reserved for particularly vulnerable people(elderly, children, immune-compromised),
  • encouraging patrons to make appointments in order to maintain spacingand eliminate waiting areas, and
  • providing sick leave benefits for employees to encourage them to stayhome when sick.


  1. Limit customers to 3 unrelated folks in the store at a time.
  2. Limit retail floor staff to 2 at a time
  3. Both staff and customers should wear masks.  Both staff and customers will wear gloves & masks when filling bulk items (bulk lotions, bulk herbs, bulk tinctures). We will offer masks for one time use (we will wash these), masks for sale, and disposable masks.
  4. Cash less transactions are encouraged.  Cash transactions are allowed, with enhanced cleaning protocols (washing hands after handling cash, wiping down cc machines after each transaction.). Ideally one staff member (the register staff) handles the transactions.
  5. The outside door should remain open with the indoor foyer door shut.  If customers do not want wear a mask, or gloves they can call in their order.  Ideally customers put on gloves before they come in the store, if not we will have to wipe down the door in-between the customers.
  6. Delivery and Pick-ups will continue.  Pick-ups will take place in the back: we will put up an easy-up, and a table.
  7. All employees have to do a pre-shift health assessment.  
  8. “USED” jars should be left on edge of counter to be wiped down
  9. Customers need to be trained on new sanitation procedures before they can fill items themselves.
  10. We will continue free delivery Fridays
  11. Only new bottles (unless the customers does a next day, pre-paid drop off). Please ask a Meadowsweet staff member about our new re-used container policy

Kelly Needs