Meadowsweet Store Updates 6/1/2020

Phase 2, here we come Montana!  What a emotional and whirlwind ride this past 3 months have been for both my family and Meadowsweet.  I feel very proud of how our community has pulled together to weather this storm, and to support each other as best as we can. It has been a lot of pressure to pivot from a in-person retail situation to a phone-help center plus online retail, but I think we have done the best we can. I know we are not alone in facing these challenges.

I’d like to give some thanks to all the people who have helped Meadowsweet continue to do business, and stay strong during these trying times. A huge thank you to my husband and 3 sons who have supported mom’s new business venture even when it means spending less time with them.  A tremendous thank you to the Meadowsweeties, past and present, that have helped create a unique business in Missoula that is known for such integrity and helpfulness for the community at large.  Thank you to Bridge Pizza for including other businesses in their Online Market for no cost, and to True Food Missoula for including our Hand Sprays in their offerings. We also felt very happy to begin to supply the Good Food Store with our bulk Hand gels during the shut-down. It has been hard for us and our customers to have our bulk-refill options limited. See below for Bulk-refill details.

While we personally felt that we were an essential business during the Stay-at-Home order, we felt very happy that our customers continued to turn to us for health supplies during the craziness.  Thank you for supporting us while we support you.  From each of us at Meadowsweet: wholistic health care is our mission, and we are so happy to do it.

We have decided to open up our doors fully to the public after a few weeks of feeling out the new ways of doing business and keeping everything hyper-sanitary.  Thank you for bearing with us: we know some of you have not been able to get everything you need.

Our plan is to continue our Curb side pick up model (pickups in the back parking lot) for the undetermined future.  We feel that this is a great service for those who want the ease/convenience of calling in orders & also provides a no-contact form of service for those that need it.

We will also continue to offer free Friday delivery to those in Missoula who need or want it.  Members can also receive free USPS shipping until the end of December.  Many members have used this free shipping to send care packages to loved ones they can’t be with, and this is fine by us!

This curb side pick up and delivery will serve us all well once the Higgins Bridge construction starts next October (supposedly!). Please see this link for information about the Downtown Master plan/proposed Caras Park development.

Ok, well down to the details:


Monday – Friday 10 am -6 pm 

Saturday 10 am -5 pm

Customers will be asked to wear a face covering and gloves.  We will provide both if you don’t have them.  We are asking customers to do this for everyone’s safety, on the Missoula Health Department’s recommendation, and because our store simply does not allow for a 6’ distance at all times.  Please respect the 6’ social distancing guidelines as much as possible.  If you have health issues that prevent close contact risks, please take advantage of our curb-side services or delivery options.

BULK REFILLS: We are going to sanitize each bulk refill container that comes in by wiping it down with a sanitizing solution. Please present your containers to staff for the wipe down. The first time you come in, you will be given a little run down of our new sanitation procedures. We are asking that any containers/items that customers touch be left out on the front of the counters for staff to wipe down.

We look forward to summer time in Montana, and we are all very grateful to live in such a beautiful community with such wonderful people.

Kelly Needs