Community Resources

Meadowsweet Herbs is a community wide resource for all things herbal. Check out our local resources in Missoula, MT and the surrounding area! We are proud to support these Community Resources for all folks and want to facilitate your involvement with these resources. Follow our social media sites to stay updated on events and local happenings. If you have something cool going on that involves herbs, gardening or health you can ask to be included in our Community Resource Page.

**Disclaimer Meadowsweet does not endorse or make claims regarding the organizations and projects listed on this page.

2023 MONTANA HERBAL FESTIVAL: Stay tuned for more details!

yellow dandelions in a field

Due to unforeseen and seen circumstances we have decided we can do the best job creating the Montana Herbal Festival by shooting for a date in August 2023.  Please check back in Spring of 2023 for more details!


We are partnering with the new Rocky Mountain Gardens at the Missoula Fairgrounds.  This new learning garden is going to be amazing!  Permaculture demonstrations, gardens, orchards, medicinal herb gardens and a new indoor learning facility.  Join us on June 21st, 2022 for a Bloom & Brew Social Event.  We will have drinks and a class from Elaine Sheff.  More details coming!

Looking up at the Meadowsweet Sign at the Front door