SWEET SPA at Meadowsweet

Exciting news from Meadowsweet: Starting in October, we have two new practitioners in our Sweet Spa. Misty Prescott LMT offering Therapeutic Massage, Cupping, & Facial Rejuvenation on Fridays 10 to 5 PM. Anna Crain acupuncturist will be available 11 to 4 on Thursdays. Anna offers acupuncture treatments for a variety of issues and needs. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine with services including: Acupuncture, Tui Na, Gua Sha, Cupping, Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine. Anna is offering free consultations, and from October thru December is giving $10 off for initial treatments & 1st follow-up appointments.

Call Meadowsweet for information on how to schedule an appointment, 728-0543.


Meadow Sweet Spa Opening Soon!

Meadow Sweet Spa is Opening Soon!

We are looking for a few outstanding practitioners interested in renting space in our new treatment room. If you do Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Massage, Acupressure, Reiki/Healing Touch, Hypnotherapy, or other alternative healing modalities and need a place for your practice, please call for an appointment to see the wellness space at Meadowsweet Herbs. Call (406) 728-0543 and ask for Karrie.

Are you making products you sell and need a clean space to work in? We also have our kitchen space available to rent by the hour. This is not a commercial kitchen but can be used for non-food purposes. Call Meadowsweet Herbs (406)728-0543 and ask for Karrie.


July is Montana Lavender Month at Meadowsweet Herbs

With the beautiful hot weather it is not surprising that our lavender crop has come in early. We are so excited that it made it through the winters cold and is creating a beautiful aroma as we distill and begin to harvest. So in celebrations we are designating July, Montana Lavender Month. Lavender will be on sale all month as we harvest fresh lavender bouquets will be available in the store along with other delightful Lavender products. We will be offering some wonderful Lavender classes in the basement. Learn to make lavender wands and baskets, how to make a medicinal tea to relax, Lavender for cooking & imbibing, and more to be added as we find teachers and interest. If you have an upcoming wedding let us know and we will be happy to set aside some lavender for your big event!

This Fall Meadowsweet is sponsoring an “Herbal Book Club” featuring current and historic literature that will create a discussion on how the author used herbs to enhance the story. We will also enjoy monthly discussions and share our own experience with the book. Please sign up so we can get an idea of how many books to order and who is interested. Monthly meetings will be either Mondays or Saturdays, or both if there is enough interest!



Summer Fun in the Sun!!!

Get ready for Summer Fun in the Sun:

New Summer hours Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, Saturdays 10 AM to 4 PM, stop in after Farmers Market and see what’s new!

Meadowsweet has a large selection of sun care products all made from natural & organic products. We are introducing some wonderful products to bring your skin, hair, & body to life! Products made exclusively for Meadowsweet Herbs. Karrie has created a new “Sleep Well” balm. This powerful and relaxing balm will aid in a great night sleep without a “hang over ” the next day. Karrie returns from travels in the Southwest with new ideas and exciting products. Stop in this month for summer inspiration and new possabilities in skin care.

Come in for a summer tune-up with our talented practioners: Kelly Needs, Chinese Herbalist; Hollie Greenwood, Diet Consultant; Julie Linville, Homeopathic Practitioner; Cody Dickinson (Master Reiki, Aromatherapy, & Doula), Karrie Westwood, (Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapy, Aroma-Alchemy, Muscle Testing, & general health consultant). We also want to introduce Jennifer Kuhlmann, our newest employee and practitioner, offering Chakra Attunements in our healing room. Stop by and set up an appointment or get more information by calling (406) 728-0543



Spring Cleansing & Detox By Kelly Needs

P1000689Hurray its Spring!  Say goodbye to the dark and cold of winter.  For many, those aches and pains related to cold and damp recede as our minds are renewed and we put into action our plans and hopes for the new year.
While some people associate “New Year’s” with a time to cleanse, in truth spring is the perfect time.  Fresh foods are traditionally more readily available and our body temperature requirements are not so taxed by cold weather. There are many ways and many systems that can be and often should be cleansed.  This can be as simple as a focus on eating fresh foods (not necessarily raw), a kitcharee fast, a no-food, or limited food fast.  Some people find great results from switching to vegetarian diet for a couple of weeks.  For the busy folks out there, there are many supplements that can also help you cleanse and renew.

Meadowsweet has many high-quality Supplements to specifically help with Cleansing and Detox this spring.  In order to make sense of it all, let me break down the different levels of cleansing:
1) Our body’s Lymph System is integral to our bodies’ normal cleansing process.  The lymph cells are the site of our cell-mediated immune system (anti-bodies) and are entirely dependent on physical movement to keep things flowing.  This is the reason our lymph system can get a little stagnant over the winter as we tend to have restricted physical activity.  Essiac tea is one of the best blends to eliminate deep cellular waste-this is why this tea works so well in the case of cancer and other serious illnesses.  We also have a new tea blend from Mountain Dragon Herbs: Detox Tea that is also made for eliminating toxins.  The single herbs Redroot and Cleavers are native plants that are my personal favorites for lymph cleansing.  Common symptoms of a stagnant lymph system are: fatigue, swollen lymph’s, chronic illness, including immune dysfunction.
2) Another key organ to support for proper detoxification is the Liver.  An over-burdened liver can “store” toxins to be dealt with later. The liver assumes there will be a break in environment toxins)  Not only are toxins eliminated and neutralized by the liver, so are hormonal and blood waste products. (One of the many problems of toxic LCD levels established by pesticide, herbicides, and chemical studies fail to take into account accumulative effects of constant chemical exposure.  The Liver is so key to daily body health and function that in Traditional Chinese Medicine the Liver is designated “The General”: responsible for whole body direction and execution of elimination tasks.
3) A great supplement anytime of the year is Lipotropic Detox from PURE it assist the Liver in it’s important role.  For Liver and Digestive issues combined PURE’s Liver and G.I. Detox is even better.  It contains L-Glutamine which is integral to healthy intestinal integrity: (extremely helpful for Leaky Gut)  Common Liver Stagnation symptoms can include rashes/eczema, chronic acne, menstrual/hormonal issues, high blood pressure, constipation and feelings of anger and frustration.  G.I. (Gastrointestinal) toxicity issues can include the above symptoms with the additions of Irritable bowel, Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia symptoms, and food allergies.
4) At the deepest level, Cellular health is the next detox focus.  Integral to our health is the ability of our cells themselves to provide energy, exchange & excrete wastes, resist & eliminate viruses, bacteria, and constant destruction of abnormal cells is the key to avoiding disease.  Free radicals are understood to be unstable cells in the body that cause systemic damage to the body on a cellular level.  UV rays, rancid fats (most fried foods),  radiation (x-rays, medical procedures), environmental toxins, and dietary toxins can all cause this effect.  One of our best tools to combat this cellular damage and the resulting inflammation is to consume anti-oxidants.   Whether in fresh fruits, vegetables, or in a supplement form these anti-oxidants bond with and neutralize the free-radicals.
5) Green Tea or a Green Tea Extract from PURE, Purecell, Resveratrol, and Quercetin all help to establish healthy gene expression through healthy cells, complete elimination of damaging free-radicals, healthy histamine release, and immune function.  Common symptoms of cellular degradation include most auto-immune diseases, “mystery” diseases, cancers and environmental allergies.
6) An unfortunate result of the industrial age is that our environment is contaminated like never before.  This means that despite vigilant avoidance of herbicides/pesticides/and petroleum chemicals cannot wholly eliminate our exposure.  Heavy metal contamination can affect the health of our body and cells in very significant ways.  PURE’s HM Chelate is a formula designed to cleanse the body of these metals without  leaching precious body minerals.  Heavy metals potentially excreted: mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead and tin.  Symptoms of heavy metal contamination can be unclear, but can include unexplained rashes, certain cancers, joint pain, head aches, and blood disorders.
7) Body PH is something that is rarely talked about but has so many health implications.  A typical American diet high in processed foods and sugars, low in fresh fruits & vegetables, high meat & fat consumption, and irregular exercise all lead to ill health.  More specifically an acidic body PH.  This can have many consequences.  Cancer loves an acidic condition as the immune system is hampered.  Low Oxygen levels can lead to cardio-vascular issues and uric acid (the cause of gout) can precipitate out in the joints, causing pain.  The Good News is this issue of over-acidity can easily be remedied by diet.  Many can find relief in a temporary vegetarian diet.  Seaweed, Nettles, and most dark leafy greens help eliminate wastes and alkalize the body.  Millet and Quinoa are alkaline along with most vegetables.  Chloroxigen, a Herbs ETC. product, is  a low temperature Nettle extract that quickly alkalizes and oxygenates the blood.  Uric Acid Formula from PURE directly combats incomplete Puritic Acid elimination: the root cause of uric acid build up. (Gout relief is best accomplished with diet changes)
8) Puritic Acid elimination happens in the kidneys, which brings us to another cause of incomplete elimination: Kidney and urinary tract malfunction.  The kidneys filter large amounts of fluids per day and are partially responsible for hormone levels, adrenal function, mineral absorption & excretion, heart rate, and bone maintenance.  PURE’S Kidney Support Formula helps to maintain proper kidney function and contains wonderful immune system tonics.
Last but not least, PURE’s DIM Detox is used by many naturopath’s to rid the body of excess estrogen, enhance and protect liver function and act as a preventative against hormone specific cancers (breast/uterine cancers).
This article has covered a lot of territory, and its intention was not to terrify but empower you to take your health in your own hands and make some positive actions towards healing. If you feel overwhelmed by a healthy detox consult an herbalist or naturopathic physician for clear and  easy to follow instructions.

Written by
Kelly Needs, Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist
Mountain Dragon Herbs

Big Changes are Happening Now

If you haven’t been in to Meadowsweet Herbs for a while you will be in for a surprise. We added a new heart center. The store had a make over, new paint, new desk, new look. We have shifted the store vibrationally and physically. The Meadowsweeties are busy helping you stay healthy.We have added new products and new ideas to our world of health and body care.

The Healing Room welcomes Julie Linnville a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner, also Cody Dickinson, Doula services, Aroumatouch, & Master Reiki Practitioner.

In the Meadowsweet Basement we are creating Meadowsweet Products, holding classes & workshops, and special events. Stop by and pick up a schedule of events.

First Friday Missoula February 6 from 4 to 7 PM Come in for Elaine Sheff’s, “Naked” book signing and meet the Healing Room Practitioners: Kelly Needs, Herbalist; Hollie Greenwood, Real Cooking Nutrition Consultant, Cody Dickinson, Doula, Reiki Master, Aromatouch; Karrie Westwood, LPN, Kinesiology, Flower Essence Therapy, Aromatouch/Reiki, Juggler; Nancy Serba, doTerra Wellness advocate.

A New Look at Meadowsweet Herbs

Stop by and visit this month. Watch our progress as we work  on a new look for the Meadowsweet Herbs; new paint, new shelves, and new products. We are clearing out the old and in with the new as we offer 50% off all candles in stock, 40% off on our over stock shelf & books, 30% off all Boiron & Homeopathics in stock, 20% off all Teas, Teapots, & cups, and 10% off all Locally made soaps, bath, & body products. This will be the whole month of January as we clean out the old and bring in the New Year!

We have many great immune boosters to help keep you healthy through the Cold & Flu season. Tinctures, Teas, Homeopathics, & of course our Herbs & Teas are always a great way to keep old man winter under control. Stop in and see the many treatments we now offer in our healing room.

Look for our Meadowsweet Members only newsletter with many extra bonus & discounts. Become a Meadowsweet Member and enjoy extra discounts, newsletters, and special offers. Ask any of our Meadowsweeties next time you visit us!


12 Days of Christmas, Happy Chanuka, Merry Kuanzaa, & a Healthy New Year!!!

We want to start off our Holiday Season with a special everyday that can save you money and bring health and happiness into the New Year. We have a well educated staff who can help you find the perfect immune booster for your body. We have many locally made gifts and even juggling equipment for healthy brains. We now carry Mountain Dragon Herbs for your health and well being. Tune in to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/MeadowsweetHerbs to discover what is on sale for the day and helpful hints for staying healthy. There is something for everyone at Meadowsweet Herbs where Mother Nature comes to Shop.

Holiday Happenings at Meadowsweet!

Join us at Meadowsweet this holiday season for healthful events, classes, and gift ideas. Learn ways to make it through the holiday stress and take care of yourself. Our amazing staff will help you create a healthier holiday, home, and body with our many herbal remedies, bath and body products, herbal teas and books. Create your own gifts from our bulk section. Take a class to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy for a healthier holiday. Let the “Meadowsweeties” help you find the perfect gift for the ones you love, gift wrap it for you, and send it anywhere in the USA.  Join us for our annual Holiday Tea Party on December 5th, First Friday event. We will be joining with EWAM upstairs to bring music, Montana Made gifts, and tasty goodies. Jody Mosher and Lee Zimmerman will be playing for our annual Holiday Tea Party. Special guest artists Bonnie Tarses, Botanical Weavings, and Mimi Werner, Lava Jazz Pottery.

Exciting News!! New Membership Program at Meadowsweet!!!

What does a Meadowsweet Membership mean? More Savings for you, special sales, exciting events, & be the first to try new products.  There are two levels of membership:

Level 1:For $15 per year you will save 10% on all products in the store and anything on sale will be an additional 10% to members. This entitles you to special bargains, new product introductory sales, and 10% on treatments offered at Meadowsweet Herbs including Aromatouch/Reiki sessions & Herbal consultations.

Level 2: For $35 you can become a do Terra member and a Meadowsweet Herbs member! It includes all of the above advantages plus you get any essential oils in the store for 20% off, including do Terra, Floracopeia, and Meaodowsweet Herbs Bulk oils. You can also buy from doTerra at wholesale prices. Receive a 20% discount on Aromatouch/Reiki sessions with Karrie.

Free sample packet of goodies when you sign up for either Level 1 or 2. Put your name in for a free ticket to the do Terra raffle. You could win a backpack with doTerra products, new face care, oils, and new do Terra essential oils. The winner will be drawn Saturday November 1st at noon. Need not be present to win.

Stop by Meadowsweet to sign up and see the new do Terra products on display.