Holy Fire Reiki

Karrie is excited to announce she had the great honor of receiving her Reiki Master Practitioner Certification from Reiki Master, Cami Cote, and will now be offering this powerful technique to the Missoula community. Reiki is a way of channeling healing energy and love to energize and aid the bodies own ability to heal. The Holy Fire is a recently evolved form of Usui Reiki that increases the intensity and power of the Reiki Energy. From now till the end of March enjoy 50% off your first Holy Fire Session and discover the profound miracle of Holy Fire Reiki. Call Meadowsweet  728-0543 for an appointment, till March 31st. Gift certificate are also available to use now or later for yourself or a loved one.

Love is all there is!

Great News! Karrie & Bob are returning from Tucson’s International Gem & Mineral Show, bringing back beautiful Crystals and Crystal Hearts from around the world. Our beautiful new friends will be on display from February 13th to the 28th with an added discount of 20% off. Buy one for yourself and a friend. You won’t want to miss out on these beautiful crystal friends.

Many people ask me: What is the big deal about crystals? They are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye but they also have many healing qualities. Some crystals you can use to help you sleep. Others crystals help with healing emotion trauma and fear. While others are great for creating energy and safety. I also grid my home and business with crystals to help protect and energize. Learn more about crystals and their healing properties On February 18th from 5:30 to 7 PM at Meadowsweet.


Happy New Year from Meadowsweet

What is it you are hoping for in 2017? Let your hopeful heart shine this year. My hope for all of us is to come together in love and joy. There are so many things to wish and hope for in this upcoming year. Keep it positive, keep it honest, and keep it joyful. No matter what we encounter this year, it will be our chance to create a more positive, healthy, and joyful world. Life is full of surprises great them with joy and love. This is my intention and my hope for myself, my family, our community, and our world. Let the light of love and joy shine through each of us! Happy New Year! We can hardly wait to see you in the 2017!

Holiday Happenings at Meadowsweet Herbs & Sweet Spa

We are looking forward to seeing you all Saturday for our “Annual Holiday Tea Party” December 3rd, 10 AM to 6 PM with free gift bags for our first 100 customers through the door, our way of saying, “Thank You” to our loyal customers! The raffle baskets are piling up under the tree. We will be drawing raffle tickets every half hour so come in put your lucky ticket in the “hat”. We will be featuring our “New” teas and goodies from Bernice’s along with lots of locally made gift ideas! Many exciting discounts 20% off Dr Hauschka, Crystals, Incense, do Terra, Floracopeia. And 10% off the whole store for members & non-members. Stop in for some amazing locally made gifts & art!

Book Club Starts September 19th or 24th

We are very excited to start the first book club at Meadowsweet this next week. We will offer the book “Medical Medium, Secrests Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal”  by Anthony William. We have a few copies in stock at Meadowsweet, and hope you will get started reading it before our first meeting next week. I have chosen this book because it explains so much about dis-eases that are both difficult to diagnose and very little concrete help from the western medicine.  I know I have had many unexplained aches and pains, but also many real concerns with my health and my family’s health. I want to share the information but I also want you to share in the discussion. What helps and how your health affects your life. We will be offering two discussion groups, Sept 19th 6 to 8 PM, or Saturday Sept 24th 6 to 8 PM. Call today and sign up for this interesting and healthful Book Club at Meadowsweet Herbs (728-0543). Karrie will be hosting the discussion.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring is here and in full bloom. Get ready for Mother’s Day with Roses and Dr Hauscha. This is the sale many of you wait all year for, reserve your Dr Hauschka at 15 % off. Stock up during this amazing pre-sale, now until April 30th. Join Meadowsweet as we celebrate Moms with an exciting week of savings and classes, May 2nd to May 7th. Learn how to create radiant skin and soothe your tired body and soul with Roses & Dr Hauschka. Every Mother’s Day Week we like to celebrate with wonderful sales on products that will bring a smile to Mom’s face and a glow to her skin. Enjoy, “An Evening with Dr Hauschk” , Herbs for Women with Justene Sweet, Roses & Moms Spa Night, and a free skin consultation with Anna Rummel-Tenenbaum. Pamper you and your Mom all week long! Karrie will be returning with goodies from Hawaii to share on Saturday while you wait for your free Skin Consultation with Anna Rummel Tenenbaum, Saturday 12 to 4 PM. Stop in and see what’s going on!


We recently met with a small essential oil company that is working with farmers and oil producers all over the world. We are able to bring to Meadowsweet some really wonderful oils that are brand new to us, and have some amazing healing properties. Having met and toured their facility we are excited to carry their oils. These are small batch and organically grown or wild crafted , tested for impurities and authenticity. We will have small samples of the oil available to try while supplies last. As always there will be in-store testers so you know what you are getting.  Unlike the big essential oil companies that harvest many gallons of a certain oil and capture the market in one area, these oils are small batch local farmers who have never used pesticides or GMOs. Their oils are tested to make sure they are pure and untreated.  The big companies will never carry some of these because the just could not find enough to satisfy their large markets. So we are lucky enough here at Meadowsweet Herbs in Missoula MT to be able to bring their healing properties to you!

Our Newest Essential Oils :

Bergamont Mint – This is a calming member of the mint family used for nausea, anxiety, and stress. A spicy and minty scent.

Blue Cypress: This incredible oil has many uses in wound healing, and as a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is analgesic and has been used effectively with burns. There have been several cases of relief from the intense itching of hives & allergic reactions when applied to each hive and affected area.

Davana essential oil is rare and unique, a beautiful golden orange color with a fruity, slightly woody aroma. Clinics in India have used this oil successfully for ovarian and uterine cysts as a compress and a douche, also for menopausal women, and it is useful in regulating and balancing menstruation.  Emotionally balancing and calming, and useful as an antispasmodic. Add to blends for increased focus and inner peace. Aids in wound healing.

Ho Wood – This is a variety of cinnamon that is known for its healing properties, including antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity.

Larch Tamarack: Larch provides a nice antispasmodic effect, allowing tightness to release and supporting an opening in the lungs along with providing a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Great respiratory oil for colds, flu and allergies. Sweet and piney.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) – This ayurvedic adaptogen is stimulating or sedating based upon the body’s needs. In addition, it possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. Great for building and protecting our immune system.

Manuka: From the East Cape of New Zealand is a phenomenal antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. The indigenous people of New Zealand for generations have used this oil for colds and flu, sore muscles and joints, for a wide range of hot, inflamed skin issues, and to promote calmness and sleep.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) – This oil is useful for anxiety and panic attacks but also to soothe skin eruptions and respiratory distress including asthma, coughs, and colds. Combined with with frankincense, it is used as a remedy for migraines. It is used traditionally to support mediation and deep concentration.

Our new Exotic Essential Oils are all 10% off for the month of February!


Winter time is here, Snuggle in and Relax

The holidays are coming to an end. We can put away the decorations and enjoy the coming winter. Snuggle in and enjoy some down time. It is a great time for a detox bath or a massage. Sign up for a yoga class or just get your home practice started. Be gentle with yourself, it is the time of year to relax a bit and enjoy some alone time. Drink immune boosting teas and enjoy a good book. Get your digestive tract back in shape and catch up on your sleep! If you need information on a gentle winter detox stop by Meadowsweet for a few ideas. All Bath Salts, Peppermint Essential Oil, Blum & Bru Bone Broths are 10% off, All Meadowsweet Made Products are 20% off. Stop by and check out our 40% off clearance shelves, we are clearing out the clutter and getting ready for winter.

Mountain Dragon Herbal Teas are a great way to gently detox and aid our digestive system. We also have many other detox aids. You might want to think about a no sugar, no wheat, low carb diet for just a few days to help get the holiday yeast back in balance. With all the sweets, pies, breads that we tend to indulge in over the holiday season it is a good time to drink detox tea, take a detox bath, and yes get some healthy exercise everyday. The GX Assist by do Terra is one of my favorite quick detox formulas, followed by some digestive building probiotics. It is not a good time of year to do a full cleanse but a gentle nudge to get our bodies in balance after the holiday indulgence is a great way to decrease the winter blues and increase a healthy body. We have just ordered a few Ayurvedic cleansing kits, from Banyan Botanicals, that have everything you need to gently get your digestive tract back into balance.



Eat Your Tonic Herbs aka Bone Broth by Kelly Needs, Professional Herbalist

Using herbs in food is a wonderful way to nourish the body, making the herbal nutrients more bio-available. Adding herbs to your bone broth is the ultimate recipe for health, as your body needs and craves the collagen, available from the cooked bone, and the herbal tea can build your body tissue in a way regular food cannot. Add vegetables and seasoning to your taste, to create a healthy satisfying meal.

“Blum & Bru Bone Broth” kits are now at Meadowsweet Herbs. While based on traditional medicine formulas, these broths are general recipes that can be used with a wide variety of body types and constitutions. Our trained staff can assist you in selecting the right bone broth blend. Here is a cheat sheet of each of the bone broths we carry at Meadowsweet:

  1. Immuni Qi: Great to help prevent illness and build the immune system. Makes a wonderful soup that tastes amazing. Use weekly as a preventative.
  2. Vital Nutritive: For the vitamin deficient, anyone with a poor diet, who has difficulty taking vitamin supplements, or recovering from an illness. This broth also acts as a gentle anti-inflammatory.
  3. Supreme Protector: Has a wide range of vitamins, nourishes the adrenal system and thyroid, is a gentle detoxifier.
  4. Myco-Allies: Used to help with cancer and other immune disorders. Use to boost the immune system and help prevent disease.
  5. Primal Frame Builder: This broth formula is warming and strengthening to the musculature, joints, and bones. Great for arthritis that is made worse by the cold or damp. Injuries, low body temperature (feel cold all the time), or fatigue in mature adults is also helped by this broth.
  6. Pho-Real: Smells delicious, warming to the digestive system, great for chronic diarrhea, gas, and bloating.
  7. 4 Ladies: Nutritionally supportive to anemic women with easily bruising skin, dizzy, and drying.
  8. Quan Yin Mother: Helpful for post-partum recovery, recovery from any injury, chronic illness, or blood loss.
  9. Peaceful Spirit: Use for nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, emotional shock, or chronic stress. This is a very calming to the nervous system.
  10. Japenese Baiyo-Eki: A tradition fish flake soup with seaweed to keep your thyroid healthy, and mushrooms to build the immune system. “Gives a feeling of vigor and well-being”