Healing Center, Sweet Spa

Enjoy vibrant health in your life!

  • Encourage healing by working with the underlying cause of health concerns or illnesses.
  • Strengthen constitutional weaknesses and support chronic health conditions.
  • Empower individuals to participate in their own health care.
“Healing is much more than the impact of drug or herb; it is a much broader and deeper phenomenon that involves all of what we are.” -David Hoffman

A Holistic Approach
Our bodies have a strong, innate ability to heal themselves. When we are out of balance, natural therapies can be powerful tools to help our bodies return to their natural state of health. Our practitioners work with the underlying causes of health issues and illness, rather than just the symptoms, providing truly holistic healing opportunities.

Sweet Spa at Meadowsweet is now offering many Alternative Health Modalities!

Consultation Offering

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu with Patricia Blakeslee, Lighttouch Energy Harmonizing (503)244-2343
  • Mindful Pebble Reiki with Suzanne for Reiki, Biomat, and Intuitive Healing. Call (406) 544-2839
  • Claire Jacobs for Massage, Rieki, Herbalism, & Nuitrition. Call for an appointment (406) 207-3703
  • Aromatouch/ Reiki sessions with Karrie Westwood or Cody Dickinson (406)728-0543
  • Reiki (Holy Fire & Traditional Usui), Aromatouch, & Doula Consultation with Cody Dickinson (406) 241-1927
  • Acupuncture with Karin Stallard, LAC, Wild Ginger Acupuncture call (406) 396-0479 or (406) 644-2547. Karin is at Meadowsweet on Tuesday and Thursdays, (Jardeniaessences.com). She practices Five Element and Traditional forms of acupuncture as well as nutritional counseling, flower essences and herbs. Karin has been in practice 23 years.
  • Body, Mind, & Soul 4 Hands Massage, make an appointment at www.bms4handsmassage.com
  • Reconnective Healing with Judith Poelarends, make an appointment with her at www.JudithPoelarends.com or call at (406)728-0543
  • Holy Fire Reiki with Karrie Westwood call 728-0543 to set up an appointment.

Making a commitment to your health can bring long lasting benefits over years of your life. Start now — your well-being, physically, emotionally and mentally is your most precious gift and resource. Meadowsweet Herbs is here to help. We specialize in natural health care integrating herbal medicine, flower essences, aromatherapy and dietary counseling into comprehensive holistic treatment plans. We work with community health practitioners to bring you the highest quality products to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Consultations vary with each Practitioner costs vary with each practitioner.

Consultation Forms:
Stop by the store or call (406)728-0543 to set up an appointment for yourself or a family member. We look forward to serving you and helping you become the healthiest you have ever been.