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  • Spring Cleansing and Detox by Kelly Needs

    Spring Cleansing and Detox by Kelly Needs

    Hurray its Spring!  Say goodbye to the dark and cold of winter.  For many, those aches and pains related to cold and damp recede as our minds are renewed and we put into action our plans and hopes for the new year. While some people associate “New Year’s” with a time to… [More]

  • Fall is coming by Kelly Needs Herbalist

    Fall is coming by Kelly Needs Herbalist

    Time is ticking, in a literal sense, right towards that middle of winter night, passing the Fall Equinox in the process. In the meantime, you may be experiencing the peak of your year. What does this mean for you? Have the seeds you planted both mental and literal produced fruit for you?… [More]

  • Summer Solstice by Kelly Needs

    Summer Solstice by Kelly Needs

    To Harvest the fruit that you desire, you must first tend to your soil. This adage is one that I have tried to live by, with some success. To me summer & summer solstice are bittersweet. Having just recovered from winter, I find summer solstice to be bittersweet because it acknowledges that… [More]

  • Spring is Here at Last by Kelly Needs

    Spring is Here at Last by Kelly Needs

    After a long wait, we are all beginning to stretch our hearts, minds, bodies toward activity, and the growth that will allow us to accomplish the goals, dreams, wishes we have planted in our internal garden this winter. Like a seed, our plans need the basic ingredients: water, sunshine, and good soil… [More]

  • Staying Healthy Part 2 by Kelly Needs

    Staying Healthy Part 2 by Kelly Needs

    Part 2 February Newsletter Healthy Hearts Valentines can be incredibly romantic, or quite a lonely day.  Regardless of which this day is for you, there is no better season to examine the soil of your soul, and assess what amendments are needed to grow the most fruit in your own internal garden…. [More]

  • Staying Healthy, Part 1, by Kelly Needs

    Staying Healthy, Part 1, by Kelly Needs

    Kelly Needs is a Professional Herbalist trained by Micheal and Leslie Terra and many other leading herbalist of today at the East/West School of Herbology. Kelly completed the Professional Herbalist program and received training in Moxa, Auricular therapy, cupping, and Tui Na Massage. Before moving to Missoula, Kelly lived in NW Montana… [More]

  • On Taking a Bath

    On Taking a Bath

    On taking a bath…… It is the New Year and we are inundated with the idea of “New Year’s Resolutions.” What is it going to be for each of us to feel fresh and rejuvenated, cleansed of all the old ways that no longer work or are unwanted? The first thing I… [More]

  • Nightshade Free Salsa Recipe:

    Nightshade Free Salsa Recipe:

    For some people, any form of plant in the nightshade family causes pain and inflammation. This is true for many people with arthritis, for example. These foods would include all peppers (sweet or hot), tomatoes, potatoes, chilies, eggplant, paprika, tomatillos, tamarios, pepinos, pimentos, and cayenne peppers. This is a nightshade-free salsa I… [More]

  • Herbal Foundations Intensive: The SEED Program

    Herbal Foundations Intensive: The SEED Program

    Herbal Foundations: The SEED Program (The original Herbal Foundations program) An In-depth Program in Herbal Medicine The Inspiration Make a deeper connection to the earth. Discover the healing properties of medicinal plants – a special and unique part of our world. Herbal Foundations is an in-depth, three-part herbal studies program. Come on… [More]

  • Fresh Horseradish Sauce: Make it Yourself!

    Fresh Horseradish Sauce: Make it Yourself!

    Today I made fresh horseradish and it was so easy and delicious I wanted to share it with you! I got my roots at the local health food store, although horseradish is also easy to grow. Horseradish was one of the ingredients in our herbal sinus infection formula called Sinus Soother. It… [More]

  • Making your own Glycerin Soaps

    Making your own Glycerin Soaps

    It is fun and easy to make your own glycerin soaps at home. This is a wonderful project to do with children and it makes an easy, inexpensive and personalized gift. You will need: Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Soap Molds (This can be as simple as some plastic containers, or you… [More]

  • Purple Berry Paste

    Purple Berry Paste

    Today I took advantage of the cold and wet outside to do some herbal medicine making in my nice, cozy kitchen. What I made was so good, I had to share it! This is a recipe that uses mostly local ingredients, fresh from the recent harvest of grapes and elderberries here in… [More]

  • Decongestant Essential Oil Recipe

    Decongestant Essential Oil Recipe

    10 drops Eucalyptus radiata 10 drops Rosemary 10 drops Balsam Fir 10 drops Ravintsara 10 drops Pine Mix essential oils together. Here is what you can do with this blend: Add 3 – 6 drops to an aromatherapy diffuser Add 10 drops to 1 ounce of vegetable oil and rub on the… [More]

  • Respiratory Health: Naturally!

    Respiratory Health: Naturally!

    by Elaine Sheff The lungs have an amazing capacity to heal themselves and recover from respiratory stress including cigarette smoke, bronchitis, air pollution or breathing heavy particulate such as exposure to forest fires. Whether you have short-term stress on your respiratory system such as a cold, or long-term stress such as asthma,… [More]

  • Herbal Foundations ROOT Program

    Herbal Foundations ROOT Program

    New and expanded Herbal Foundations Program: add to your herbal knowledge! You asked for it and here it is: our new and expanded Herbal Foundations program! We are excited to announce that we have added two new sections to our original Herbal Foundations program, tripling the hours and vastly expanding the content…. [More]

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