Winter time is here, Snuggle in and Relax

The holidays are coming to an end. We can put away the decorations and enjoy the coming winter. Snuggle in and enjoy some down time. It is a great time for a detox bath or a massage. Sign up for a yoga class or just get your home practice started. Be gentle with yourself, it is the time of year to relax a bit and enjoy some alone time. Drink immune boosting teas and enjoy a good book. Get your digestive tract back in shape and catch up on your sleep! If you need information on a gentle winter detox stop by Meadowsweet for a few ideas. All Bath Salts, Peppermint Essential Oil, Blum & Bru Bone Broths are 10% off, All Meadowsweet Made Products are 20% off. Stop by and check out our 40% off clearance shelves, we are clearing out the clutter and getting ready for winter.

Mountain Dragon Herbal Teas are a great way to gently detox and aid our digestive system. We also have many other detox aids. You might want to think about a no sugar, no wheat, low carb diet for just a few days to help get the holiday yeast back in balance. With all the sweets, pies, breads that we tend to indulge in over the holiday season it is a good time to drink detox tea, take a detox bath, and yes get some healthy exercise everyday. The GX Assist by do Terra is one of my favorite quick detox formulas, followed by some digestive building probiotics. It is not a good time of year to do a full cleanse but a gentle nudge to get our bodies in balance after the holiday indulgence is a great way to decrease the winter blues and increase a healthy body. We have just ordered a few Ayurvedic cleansing kits, from Banyan Botanicals, that have everything you need to gently get your digestive tract back into balance.



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