Eat Your Tonic Herbs aka Bone Broth by Kelly Needs, Professional Herbalist

Using herbs in food is a wonderful way to nourish the body, making the herbal nutrients more bio-available. Adding herbs to your bone broth is the ultimate recipe for health, as your body needs and craves the collagen, available from the cooked bone, and the herbal tea can build your body tissue in a way regular food cannot. Add vegetables and seasoning to your taste, to create a healthy satisfying meal.

“Blum & Bru Bone Broth” kits are now at Meadowsweet Herbs. While based on traditional medicine formulas, these broths are general recipes that can be used with a wide variety of body types and constitutions. Our trained staff can assist you in selecting the right bone broth blend. Here is a cheat sheet of each of the bone broths we carry at Meadowsweet:

  1. Immuni Qi: Great to help prevent illness and build the immune system. Makes a wonderful soup that tastes amazing. Use weekly as a preventative.
  2. Vital Nutritive: For the vitamin deficient, anyone with a poor diet, who has difficulty taking vitamin supplements, or recovering from an illness. This broth also acts as a gentle anti-inflammatory.
  3. Supreme Protector: Has a wide range of vitamins, nourishes the adrenal system and thyroid, is a gentle detoxifier.
  4. Myco-Allies: Used to help with cancer and other immune disorders. Use to boost the immune system and help prevent disease.
  5. Primal Frame Builder: This broth formula is warming and strengthening to the musculature, joints, and bones. Great for arthritis that is made worse by the cold or damp. Injuries, low body temperature (feel cold all the time), or fatigue in mature adults is also helped by this broth.
  6. Pho-Real: Smells delicious, warming to the digestive system, great for chronic diarrhea, gas, and bloating.
  7. 4 Ladies: Nutritionally supportive to anemic women with easily bruising skin, dizzy, and drying.
  8. Quan Yin Mother: Helpful for post-partum recovery, recovery from any injury, chronic illness, or blood loss.
  9. Peaceful Spirit: Use for nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, emotional shock, or chronic stress. This is a very calming to the nervous system.
  10. Japenese Baiyo-Eki: A tradition fish flake soup with seaweed to keep your thyroid healthy, and mushrooms to build the immune system. “Gives a feeling of vigor and well-being”

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